On Vacation in Scottsdale: El Padrino de Mi Terra Agave Anejo Mexico

Wayward Wine hops a jet for February sun in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since this is a mini vacation from wine, liquor is on order. We despaire to find any booze since Arizona’s lottery only allows a limited number of liquor sellers. After a night of  some questionable beer, we land on the megolith Total Wine and More. We grab a wallet-friendly Tequila ($28):

El Padrino De Mi Terra, Anejo, 100% Agave.

Appearance: medium intense golden straw, bright but not brilliant.

Aromas: medium intense spiced nutmeg, vanilla, honey, golden melon.

Palate: Dry, low acid, a bit tannic, hot somewhat astringent alcohol, medium plus bodied, mostly smooth.

Flavors: rough bourbon char crackles against a plump core of pear, citrus, and honeyed melon fruit.

El Padrino’s Anejo is spicy and edgy, yet soft, plump and inoffensive enough to sip neat. Good (3 of 5).


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