Williams Bros Brewing Co., Fraoch Heather Ale, Alloa, Scotland UK

Clear, medium intensity amber color, with fine small steady bubbles and a one centimeter cream colored head.

The aromas are clean, medium plus intensity, developing scents of, well, heather (a light floral, less intense chamomile and herb smell), clearly malt, ketchup or tomato, and peat (a smoky, wet clay-like scent).

The palate is dry, with medium plus acidity, medium minus bitterness, medium 5% alcohol, medium body, soft and floral up front followed by slight prickly hit of dried herbs and light paper smoke on the finish wakes you back. The core is caramel malt, silken yet fresh and floral. Again heather florals carry through. The length is medium plus. The quality is very good.

This beer keeps up a friendly, steady conversation. No real focus. Time disappears. But you don’t really care. Just drink this one. Mild stuff, salted nuts might work.

16th century Scots-Gaelic recipe of malted barley “bree”, sweet gale?, heather flowers infused before copper tun fermentation.

For original, full post, click here: Averaging.Aspirations.WilliamsFraoch


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