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Video Wine Review: Daou Seventeen Forty, Paso Robles, 2010

Has a decade tamed the monster Cabernet Franc Merlot blend from Paso Robles? Check out my video review Daou Seventeen Forty, Paso Robles, 2010

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TOURING TOURS DAY 1: OLGA RAFFAULT CHINON 2006 and 2009: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #45

Day 81 of our EU AUSTERITY DRINKING ADVENTURE, we leave Paris for Tours.

Finally, Wayward Wine can sink its teeth into one of France’s wildest wine regions and Paris’ secret source: the Loire Valley.

Our bags rattle, lost, over streams of cobbled streets. Tram lines, torn up decades ago, are returning (thanks environmentalists) but not yet functional (thanks unions).

With our hostel found, we unload our gypsy-train of luggage and jackets to explore the town. Continue reading

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Cabernet Franc, Raffault “Les Galuches”, Chinon, France 2009

Cabernet franc: the parent you wished you had. Not to be confused with its bombastic child, cabernet sauvignon (born from pollen swapping with sauvignon blanc). The cabs do share similarities: strong tannins, notes of cassis, berry, pepper and herbs. Yet … Continue reading

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