Chilling wine in an ice tank did crystallize a small amount of tartaric acid. Moving the wine to the freezing outdoors for another week just wore me out.

Sure, it was cold in the car. But re-parking in the shade at eight am and taking my wine daily to work exhausted me. The point was to give the wine time, to settle solids, and cold, to precipitate out tartrate crystals (both of which are anathema to international gurus of wine fashion).

At least no one suspected the tank in the car was a bomb. Yet was it worth it?

After fighting off the fiendish elevator door, we make it home.

Worth a week? Meh!

Hypnos should look for a new day job…or is that night job? Anyway, if you need sleep, these videos are brilliant.

Bask in the magnificence of my racking results:

Diminishing returns...

That paste at the tank’s bottom is actually tartrate salt and other wine solids. Not as much as hoped, but enough to prove it can be done, even with a car.

With wine back in the apartment, I return it to my chill-tank lined with ice. Another racking or two and we should be ready for bottling.


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