The end is nigh. Fermentation has slowed in my six gallons of vidal blanc juice. Less than a week has expired since I picked up the juice. Last night’s reading (below) was a call to arms (and racking siphon tubes).


I set my wine tank on the bathroom counter for racking height and let the yeasts wrap up their fermenting fun for one more night.

Now, strap yourself in and grab a glass for the thrill ride of a lifetime that is home-wine-making videos…

With that in mind, it’s a-rackin’ time.

That mini-fridge is annoyingly only big enough for the glass carboy. Back to more hot video action…

Be glad I stopped taping before tasting yeast in a glass. It required some clean up.

Now we’re nearly done. Time to chill out…


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3 Responses to END.GAME.

  1. sand110 says:

    You think the slug could be used to make wine bread. Jellies give that festive fall feeling!

    • waywardwine says:

      I do hope you mean slud[G]e, although a “wine slug” sounds like a fine title for some critics out there. I could reuse the yeast in it…but separating them from the fining agent, sulphite, and skins is tricky.


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