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Found in Translation: A Grape By Any Other Name (Monthly Wine Writing Challenge 32 #MWWC32)

The theme is “translation” for this, the thirty second Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.

Luckily, my Aunt surprised me recently.

She hosts near-monthly dinners, cooks great food, and pours copious amounts of sparkling wine. I bring good bottles that survived my workweek. Well, at our last powwow she had something new from Oregon.

Now, most American wine is an act of translation. Why? Because we try to conjugate European grapes with American soil, climate, and palates. Results taste familiar but different: like speaking French with a Texan accent. But with today’s wine, America forgot the encyclopedia. Continue reading

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Making and Breaking Hard Apple Cider From Scratch

I have made moderately terrible wines from grapes. I have made a few lovely beers with my brewing wife (thanks to my wife). I have never toyed with hard apple cider. With Fall upon us, nature throws an emergency-opportunity my way: Continue reading

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Wine From Vines: Planting my First Vineyard

So it begins. After years of making wine from bought grapes, finally, finally, I could plant my own vines. It only took buying a home with a quarter acre…minor details… Continue reading

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The end is nigh. Fermentation has slowed in my six gallons of vidal blanc juice. Less than a week has expired since I picked up the juice. Last night’s reading (below) was a call to arms (and racking siphon tubes). … Continue reading

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A ten day vacation looms. The wine tank can’t come with me. It’s time to bottle it. That or turn our fridge into a cellar. Bottling my first and second wines required crafty recycling. This would be no different. Once … Continue reading

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