Savagnin: vin jaune, Domaine de Montbourgeau, L’étoile, Jura 2000

The grapes are harvested late in the season, by hand, quickly crushed and pneumatic pressed. Then the wine rests for six months, before being transferred into 230 liter, old barrels to ferment. It is taste-checked a few times annually for seven years.

This slowly oxidizes the wine beneath the yeast veil (voile), developing ethanal and ethanol, in addition to aroma compounds like sotolon. Only 62% of the wine remains after evaporating. It then goes strait from barrel to bottle  The bottles or clavelins are 62 centiliters (instead of the clichéd 75 centiliters) because they symbolize the gap in the barrel.

Decant and drink at around 55 to 60 degrees. Pair with Comté cheese, savory dishes, including braised ham with cream, chicken with mushrooms or pumpkin risotto.

Montbourgeau’s website


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