Torre Oria, TORREORIA, Brut, 100% Macabeo, Cava (Requena), Spain NV

100% Macabeo, aka Macabeu, aka Viura (a player in the classic Cava triumvirate, alongside xarel-lo, perellada).  Never tried it as a single varietal Brut.  Rare for Spain.  Tasted non-blind without food.  Let’s see:


My camera is dead so thank you

It looks clear, with a medium minus lemon, edging on gold, color, that runs to the edge.  Noisy fizz looks medium plus in size.

Medium intensity aromas evoke Wonderbread, clay, matcha green tea.  The palate is near dry but curiously fruity (warm Requena local? The Macabeo grape?), acidity is medium (Requena is more inland, warmer, makes sense), alcohol: an easy 12%, the medium body is fattier then expected.  Noninvasive, medium intensity flavors recall ripe green melon, grass, matcha green tea powder, finishing with vanilla and baker’s yeast.  Medium length.  Solidly good (3 of 5).  Brilliant on sale for $7.99 at Fred Meyer.

This expression of Macabeo reminds me of unoaked chardonnay from a clearly warm spot… like Requena, Spain.  The powdery, yeasty autolytics show of some patient bottle aging time.  Clearly no Cavas are alike.  Spain’s Cava regions should keep applying for definition.

Nice to revisit a region via stateside bottle that our bus from Madrid to Valencia cruised through last year.


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2 Responses to Torre Oria, TORREORIA, Brut, 100% Macabeo, Cava (Requena), Spain NV

  1. talkavino says:

    The number of outstanding and at the same time affordable wines coming from Spain is simply mind boggling… I’m always hard pressed when I’m asked about my favorite wines (impossible question for me to answer), but Spain is definitely on top of my mind when I do hear such a question…

    • waywardwine says:

      Likewise. I love Spain for value. I’ve heard that when they joined the EU years ago it opened doors to send loads of refurbished French equipment, French winemakers, investors, label designers, et cetera and $$$. Spain’s wine, especially the cheap stuff, got modernized and cleaned up over night. We and the world have benefited since the 2000s.

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