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Jancis Robinson’s Seminal Wine Writing Competition

I woke up this morning, checked my inbox, and was shocked into silence. Jancis Robinson, the Jancis Robinson, goddess of wine writing, had published on her Purple Pages my entry of my seminal wine experience.  The winner gets a set … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Birthday Champagne Challenge at Paley’s Place LeMaire

It’s my wife’s birthday and I’m in trouble. I sell wine to restaurants throughout Portland. But who to choose. We rarely eat out. We mostly cook, and it’s usually vegetarian. So the whole restaurant scene seems like overpriced, meat-fest fluff (especially when we buy wine at cost). Yet, deep down, she wants to be overwhelmed. Nothing too formal, just outstanding.

Argghhh… Continue reading

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Wide.World.: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #1

Long time no chat, internet. Since we last spoke, I have retired from selling wine at a respectable boutique. Our fling lasted three tumultuous years. She took this lost archaeologist into her inebriating embrace. I returned her love with an … Continue reading

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At War With Waring Pro’s Wine Chiller

I walked through Target, marveling at China’s manufacturing prowess, then something caught my eye. Beneath a red clearance sign was a humble mound of black plastic: a wine chiller. Customers at my wine shop had asked me if we have … Continue reading

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