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Mini Champagne Off

We have a few splits of Champagne left over from my Christmas gift to the wife. We can’t feel as guilty since they’re half bottles, so we open them for a side by side comparison. Guess which one is so … Continue reading

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The Perils of Blind Tasting Champagne

Nine years of wedded-hood pass and my wife has yet to kill me. Huzzah! To celebrate this survival milestone we pack the bags and baby and drive to a cabin. It nestles amongst the trees of Cape Lookout State Park south of Tillamook, Oregon. It has heating, a microwave, kitchen, bathroom, warm shower, bed, lights, and propane grill: all for less than most hotels. It also has this ocean view: Continue reading

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My Love/Hate Relationship With Grower Champagne: Marc Hebrart 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut NV

Grower Champagne has creeped into popularity for at least a decade. That little RM (récoltant manipulant) on the label provided wine geeks another means to stand out from the seething masses. It allowed shops and restaurants to charge more to customers unfamiliar with it. We have all seen and bought the likes of Mumm, Veuve, Moët, Nicolas Feuillatte, et cetera, and know when we are getting hosed. But today’s grower, Marc Hebrart, probably is not on your grocery store shelf. Continue reading

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Champagne Sunday: Starting 2017 Off Right

We lived the cliché and ended New Year’s Eve with grower Champagne (read here). But if we want to ensure 2017 is auspicious, we need to make resolutions reality. That starts by going to the gym first thing…oh who am … Continue reading

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Have a Happy 2017

Alexandria and I wish you and yours a happy, prosperous, and peaceful new year. May your glasses fill with Champagne for all of 2017. (And try grower Champagne, Marc Hebrart, Blanc de Blancs: dry and taut yet redolent of orchard … Continue reading

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