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VELO VOUVRAY 3: Maison Darragon: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #48

For this Monday’s EU AUSTERITY DRINKING ADVENTURE, we trade a château for a maison.

Underwhelmed and starving, we leave the lofty Château Moncontour of last week’s post. Our rent-o-bikes take us to lunch of quiches, bread, and fabulous pastries. We eat on a cliff square. Mossy shingles span below us, Vouvray’s crumbling, cream church looms above us.

Full, we follow signs up a tortuous slope. We pass a villa hewn into Vouvray’s famed tuffeau cliffs: Continue reading

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We rent bikes in Tours and head up the Loire River, thirsty for wine.

The Loire river runs like a wrinkly tie below Paris to the Atlantic. The Vouvray AOC is a mere, million case pin-prick of 5,000 vinous acres. It sits next door to Tours.

The chenin blanc grape covers nearly all of Vouvray. But before trying wine, we head to the source: Continue reading

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TOURING TOURS DAY 1: OLGA RAFFAULT CHINON 2006 and 2009: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #45

Day 81 of our EU AUSTERITY DRINKING ADVENTURE, we leave Paris for Tours.

Finally, Wayward Wine can sink its teeth into one of France’s wildest wine regions and Paris’ secret source: the Loire Valley.

Our bags rattle, lost, over streams of cobbled streets. Tram lines, torn up decades ago, are returning (thanks environmentalists) but not yet functional (thanks unions).

With our hostel found, we unload our gypsy-train of luggage and jackets to explore the town. Continue reading

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ENTRÉE PARIS 5: Maison Rouge’s CO HO LA and Jacky Blot’s Brut Tradition: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #44

This Monday’s EU Austerity Drinking Adventure (day 80) finds us winding up our last days in Paris.

We revisit Montmarte and its Sacre Coeur to find both changed. Today, the sun’s glare brings out tourists and pick pockets. Inside, a moment of song and ritual seems lovely, but crowded.

Tumbling down Montmarte towards the city center we halt at Le Repaire de Bacchus: a wine-geek oasis in this urban desert. Continue reading

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Negrette, Peyres de Loubert, Fronton, France 2009: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #27

I stare hard at the grocery wine aisle in Dublin’s Marks & Spencer. What looks weird, new, cheap but decent?  I spot a French bottle.  Good.  Peyres de Loubert makes it.  Good.  The funny guy hefting a barrel on the … Continue reading

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