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Video Wine Review: Fratelli Perata Tre Sorelle Cabernet Blend Paso Robles 2010

Watch my review of this elegant, aged 2010 Cabernet Sauvginon blend Tre Sorelle by Fratelli Perata from Paso Robles, California.

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Video Wine Review: Daou Seventeen Forty, Paso Robles, 2010

Has a decade tamed the monster Cabernet Franc Merlot blend from Paso Robles? Check out my video review Daou Seventeen Forty, Paso Robles, 2010

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Video Wine Review: Ravines, Merlot, Finger Lakes New York 2018

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Balkan Merlot Wine Review: VukojE, Galerija, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2016

Wow. Hi internet, I missed you. Toddler distractions notwithstanding, let us turn our sails back toward the wine dark sea. Many leagues ago, I started to review Balkan wines my mother-in-law smuggled back with her. The tannic, native grape, Vranak made for some puckered and challenged palates (read here). But, how does Bosnia-Herzegovina handle the stereotyped grape of plush pleasure and ease: Merlot? Continue reading

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An Easily Bearable Bordeaux: Chateau Malescasse, Haut-Médoc, 2009

Last week, a 2009 Bordeaux pissed us off.  In desperation, only food could tame its barking tannins.  But this week, we flip the script and flip the river bank.  We have a Left Bank, Haut-Médoc: famed for Cabernet blends and alluvial soils.

Ready your glass and soul for a Bordeaux that pleases right out of the gate (hopefully): Continue reading

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