Groceries and Growlers: Worthy and Stone Breweries on tap at Whole Foods

Buying groceries just got mindblowingly fantastic.  At least at Whole Foods in Tigard.

Imagine a bewildering range of organic produce surrounds you.  You had no clue seven varieties of heritage beans came in bulk.  Strangers do not usually offer you freshly seared local, free range salmon.  Native, all natural dish soap never had its own tasting table.

You need a break.

Well, why not a beer?

For $4 a pint, Whole Foods offers at least six microbrews on tap.  We try local Worthy Brewing Company’s, Lights Out Stout:



As the photo implies, Lights Out is a dark ruby stout with cream colored lace.  Its aromas fight against the salty waft from the fish department.  But I tease out higher intensity dark chocolate, herbs and caramel.

Lights Out is dry but has a 7.7% alcoholic sweetness, enough acid, extra bitterness but nothing over-itchy, extra body.

Flavors taste pretty strong and fruity: with cherry, chocolate, herbal mint, menthol cigarette ash, and clove.  The length lasts a very long while.  This is very good black stuff (4 of 5). Enjoyable and balanced.

Since we just left California, how about Stone Brewing Co.‘s “Ruin Ten IPA”:

San Diego beer in a Portland glass...ironic.

San Diego beer in a Portland glass…ironic.

The medium plus intensity amber red color and cream film looks gorgeous: like a sunset over hills of gluten free foods and naturopathic detergents. The aromas slay the fish stink and meat department with intense candied pomegranate, peach, and red grapefruit.

This cannot be dry.  Average bitterness and acidity probably sit somewhere in that glass.  However, the 10% alcohol kills normal palate function.  The texture runs like heavy cream.  The body is massive.

Once my brain catches up to my tongue, I taste intense sweet pomegranate, peach juice, candied everything, clove, and cinnamon.  Length is medium plus.  The quality ranks at very good (4 of 5).  But ack!  Ruin Ten cloys and panders to your sweet tooth.  It’s too much to sip or chug.  Simply overdone.  Impressive but useless in the real world.

We watch a local fill his growler with Hard Cider.  Beer gone, we get up.

Now we shop with a beer-induced glee.  The Cage Free paper towels, Organic rat poison, and Free Trade kitty litter don’t scare us anymore.


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3 Responses to Groceries and Growlers: Worthy and Stone Breweries on tap at Whole Foods

  1. talkavino says:

    Organic rat poison, huh – sounds much more humane than non-organic!
    Great description, as usual – and catching a break in shopping with the glass of nice local beer – wow! What a concept! Hope to see something like that in CT!

  2. Girish Kumar says:

    Great, its good article about this at this place at this webpage, I have read
    all that in very interesting , so this time I o commented here

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