Wine Review and Dinner: Gaja, Brunello di Montalcino, Italy 2011

I tensely write this while Italy takes on Spain in the EUFA Euro 2016 soccer sweet 16.

With end of fiscal looming for my wife and I, we decide to turn our Sunday into an overcomplicated episode of Iron Chef.

Our CSA gave us zucchini. Thus, yesterday, I whipped out zucchini fries. Easy.

Yet today, we still have a rack of these green bolling pins. So we decide to torture each-other tag-teaming, while hungry, a fried zucchini pasta bake, lasagna, thing in a pan.

We end up employing (and cleaning) 5 plates, six paper towels, a fry pan, boil pot, sauce pot, two bake pans, three cutting boards, four knives, two forks, one spatula, two cheese graters, and quite a bit of sanity.

Thankfully, it all ends up in the oven (also thanks to appetizers). After 40 minutes of impatient dishwashing, out it comes:










But now we need a wine to stand up to all that garlic. Untrusting of the Coravin, I grab a partly sampled bottle of the most robust Italian red  we posses:

Gaja, Brunello di Montalcino, Pieve Santa Restituta Vineyard, Italy 2011

This Sangiovese-based Tuscan comes from a 40 acre vineyard and 12th century parish and winery that Angelo Gaja bought and revitalized in 1994.


Not a bad Sunday evening

Appearance: Clear, but deep garnet, coppery edge.

Aromas: pronounced but relaxed blueberry jam, black licorice, vanilla bean, rhubarb, if apples could be black.

Palate: dry, medium controlled acidity, medium plus edgy, chalky tannins, hot medium plus alcohol 15%

Palate: dry blackberry fruit leather, black tea, beachwood smoke, all give way to a twangy orange peel, and cinnamon stick. Long length.

Like the label, Gaja clashes modern sleekness and ripeness against Italy’s unconquerable, dire terroir in Montalcino. It is outstanding 5 of 5. Around $160 2018-2030 window.

Forza Azzurri!



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  1. Did the wine overpowered the dish_

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