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Barcelona Brakes and Beer: EU Austerity Drinking Tour La Cervesera Artesana

106 days in, and our EU Austerity Drinking Tour has taken its toll. Barcelona gleams sunny and beautiful but seems cursed.

I dropped my iPod: home to all my wine notes, photos, and videos. Also, superglue has stopped holding my fancy Vibram shoes together. Worse, Spain’s economy cracks around us. Pickpockets swarm our outings. Financial tensions rile the (otherwise lovely) international couple that hosts us. But worst of all, Tracy’s stomach decides to stop working.

She becomes bedridden. All she can eat are prunes, water, and Cava. So like any good husband, I leave her. Continue reading

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Barcelona: Roman Winery and Modern Bottle Shop

We leave the Pyrenees-locked country of Andorra on the 104th day of our EU Austerity Drinking Tour. Spain is our next step: land of Cava, Rioja, Bierzo, Ribera del Duero and countless other wines.

Cliff castles, shrub-dusted hills, Romanesque churches, and deep ravines all zip past like a slide show. Then fingered rocks form the most surreal horizon.

After a few hours, the road straightens, the land flattens, and agriculture and industry take over the landscape. We grow tired of a chatty traveler from Israel. Less dramatic villages crawl by, occasionally peppered by a ruin or two. Continue reading

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