Happy Valentine’s Day: Dom Perignon Brut Rose Champagne 2003

Happy Valentine’s Day romantic ones out there. To welcome my wife home, Champagne is always, any day, any where, the best choice.

I noticed Dom Perignon’s Brut Rosé 2003, like most French wines from 2003, was not meant to last. 2003 killed old and young under its sweltering sun. Grapes, likewise, suffered drought, drying, and peaking alcohols: not a good recipe for aging even vintage Champagne, but great for enjoying today.


The APPEARANCE: a clear, surprisingly rich, medium intense ruby salmon with gold highlights. It pours frothy light pink and maintains a constant pearl.

AROMAS: medium intense english biscuits, with fresh strawberry jam, plum, butter, orange rind, and savory fennel, dried lavender.

PALATE: feels off dry, softly acidic, medium alcohol, medium bodied, plump and fruit-laden (for Champagne).

FLAVORS: come off more like dried strawberries, with biscuit, and a savory, vegetal, herbaceous, chalky frame hanging all over it. Flavors lasts a long length.

Dom Perignon Brut Rosé 2003 is outstanding (5 of 5) because it tastes immensely complex, precisely blended for balance, and amazing considering the vintage. It is good that it cannot hide 2003. That makes it great for tonight.


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4 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day: Dom Perignon Brut Rose Champagne 2003

  1. wineismylife says:

    Great minds think alike. I rolled last night with a 1998 Dom Perignon. I posted a note on my site as well.

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