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Blow Minds Valentine’s Day with Bollinger, La Grande Année, 2004, Brut, Champagne, France

Valentine’s Day is Friday. You’re screwed. Posh restaurants filled up months ago. Not a single gift works. All that survives are roses from Columbia and chocolate that tastes worse than the heart box it spawned from.

You want to wow that significant other? Well procrastinator, Wayward Wine will help you blow their mind.

Buy Champagne. Not Prosecco. Not Moscatto. Not beer. Not “Sparkling Wine” in a box. Just buy Champagne, from France.

But to truly stop their heart, splurge on vintage Champagne. You can tell them that most Champagne is a (cheaper) non-vintage blend upwards of thirty harvests. Vintage Champagne is only made in those rare years, when conditions (meteorological and economical) are ideal. Each release tastes different because each year was different. Continue reading

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