BREWDOG ALCOHOL RISEN: Review: Imperial Red Wheat: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #19

After weeks of Scottish beer and Whisky, I wanted wine.  I wanted its complexity, richness, and…er, alcohol.  Brewdog’s first bar in Aberdeen provided the alternative.


Home sweet home.

Each day’s castle/distillery/museum visit had wiped us.  We needed beer stimulation.


Glamis Castle: royalty escape in the Highlands.

So every evening we visited BrewDog’s Aberdeen bar.  The brewery’s bottles, Edinburgh bar, and Non-IBU IPAs, although borderline great, had not sufficed.  We needed to try their best, most extreme beers.

Once in the high-ceiling bar, I ignore their ridiculous titles.  I hone in on alcohol.  11.1% sounds like a very wine-ish start.  So, “Imperial Red Wheat” it is:




For more money than I’d like to admit, three ounces of hazy, red amber beer fill my appropriately pretentious glass.  Its fine white rim of fizz sticks around.


Its bouquet exhales heavy hops, fruity grapefruit, rosewater, honey, golden wheat, and warm caramel.


It feels dry, with extra acidity and average tannin.  The 11.1% alcohol is ever-present and provides a viscous, ethanol-sweet, full body.

Intense honey glaze and wheat bread start the flavor pace.  Candied citrus and sweet ethanol carry the baton.  Slightly bitter, dried hay cross the finish.


To a wine-geek, the quality is very good (4 out of 5).  Why?  Imperial Red Wheat is complex, rich, and very fruity.  Wine-like in not only alcohol but its flavors.  But its burnt-out finish bars it from perfection.


Bar of joy.

Looking around, this Aberdeen bar buzzes with youth.  Tourist couples pop in for a brief pint.  But it is local packs, half female, who swarm the wood-panel tables.  The crowd is clearly college: diverse, well-heeled, over-educated.  Green Day, Nirvana, The Kinks, or Led Zeppelin flavor the air with energy and angst.  However, natives with wrinkles and thinning hair also hit the bar.  The bar also carries craft brewers the world over.  Its rebellious pride warms my heart.

Good start.  Probably my most wine-esque beer to date.  But next week will blow your mind.


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