Prague Castle and Vineyard: EU Austerity Drinking Tour Czech Republic

Wait… Where were we? Oh right! After packing a lifetime of museums, sacher torte, and gruner veltliner into three days in Vienna, we trundled onto a train and headed to Prague, Czechoslovakia (click here):

EU Map New York To Prague Day 149The trip’s pace has been manic. 149 straight days of travel demanded that we slow down.  We even rented a hotel this time.  Our first Czech wine purchase, Sovin Pinot Noir, was barely drinkable. So we head out for beer.

But fate thought otherwise.  Prague presents a tangle of streets, packed with buildings that look European but feel foreign, Eastern.  We end up on the other side of town and find… vineyards.

St Wencelas Vineyard, founded in 908 makes it Czech’s oldest.

St Wencelas Vineyard AaronBut we did not come for wine.  Looming over these vines hangs the largest castle…in the world: Prague Castle.  Really, it is just a hilltop city filled with over a thousand years of cathedrals, palaces, and ornate buildings all for whomever rules from here (including Parliament today).

Aaron Prague CathedralHowever, the lines ran for miles and the ticket costs did not meet our austerity measures. So we simply gawked and walked through the ornateness of it all.

Prague CastleWith the sun setting and hunger creeping up on us. We tumble back down into town and discover a fantastic brewery: The Three Roses. Check back next Monday for Wayward Wine’s review!


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