IPNC Alfresco Afternoon Pinot Noir Tasting

After IPNC’s Riesling Ceviche tasting I tumble over to their Alfresco Tasting on Linfield’s Dormitory Quad

After repeating myself a few more times (New Zealand? No kidding), I start with Champagne:image

My favorite bubbly from last year has returned: Champagne Henri Giraud Fût de Chêne MV a nutty oak-barrel aged wine full of orchard fruits with a fine pearl.

Domaine Marquis D’Angerville’s 2012 Volnat 1er Cru stands out with a near perfect balance of fruit, funk, roundness and acidity.


Burg Ravensburg again shines with their lively, light, delicately earthy 2013 Löchle Pinot Noir:


Even in the shade it is hot. Thankfully, ice makes it rounds to keep the bottles from boiling.

Michigan’s Wyncroft Marland Pinot is passable, albeit quite green and lean.

Lange Estate’s 2013 Three Hills has lovely heft, dark cherry, and denim textured tannins.

Sineann’s Yates-Conwell Vineyard 2013 from Oregon is clean and creamy.

Magnums of 2012 Tolpuddle Vineyard from Tasmania are fruity, caramel laced, and decent but little else.

But by now the grand dinner is about to commence and I clearly need more Pinot Noir.


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1 Response to IPNC Alfresco Afternoon Pinot Noir Tasting

  1. What a fun time it looks like you were having. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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