Wine Review: Rezabal, Getariako Txakolina rose, Txakoli Spain 2015

In Basque Country in Northern Spain, before Spain makes a right turn and becomes Southern France, sits a DO called Getariako Txakolina.  Let us pretend we can pronounce that.  The Gulf Stream chills this coastal corner of  the Atlantic (much like Bordeaux or Rias Baixas).


Maybe if I say it backwards

This Basque pocket mostly grows one red grape, Hondarrabi beltza (seriously??? Is that some Babylonian code?) Hondarrabi beltza just might be related to Cabernet Franc (possible with Bordeaux uproad).

With summer steaming, I opt for a rosé from producer Rezabal.


APPEARANCE looks a pale clear pink with rapid fine petilance.

AROMAS smell moderately of salt, slate, underripe strawberry, grapefruit.

PALATE off dry, medium plus acidity, medium minus body, mild 11% abv and soda stream level fizz

FLAVORS are delicate but incisive, with citrus rind, strawberry, cream,      salt bordering on sardines of medium length. Good (3 of 5).

Rezabal makes a bright, twangy, fruity little fizzer. Think Vinho Verde but pink.  What a great way to chill off with summer charring us. It’s not amazing or challenging but interesting, unpronounceable, and delightful enough for a bottle to disappear.


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  1. Glad I found posts directed towards the Basque Country!

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