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Temples, Towers, Beaujolais? And Duché D’Uzes a New AOC: Nîmes, France (P2)

Part 2, Day 121, continues our visit to Nîmes: birthplace of denim (get it, de Nîmes). After last post’s Roman arenas and temples, we hike to the park. Amidst Fall’s colors, fountains, and walkways rests the Temple to Diana:

The ruin still feels lifted, intricate, delicate: much like the following wine. Although this is Southern France, it is November, and we buy the one wine that matters: Beaujolais Nouveau.
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Nîmes, France (P1): Romarin Cheese, Wine, and Roman Temples and Amphitheaters: EU Austerity Drinking Tour Day 120

DAY 120. Our EU Austerity Drinking Tour returns to France, its wine, and fabulous cheese. Why?

Spain wore us out. It was beautiful yet challenging. So our combination of illness, poor Spanish, and budget tightwad-ery pushes us back into France. Now with a return flight, a handful of months remain to tap the rest of Europe’s drink. We leave Valencia for Nîmes:

But not before Barcelona. Worst of all Shakespearean tragedies, Spain had killed my iPod: home to wine notes and fuzzy photos. Continue reading

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