2016 Election Day: Drink Champagne

Are you ready to put 2016’s arduous election cycle behind you?  Me too.  Regardless of who wins, let us treat Tuesday like New Year’s Eve.  Finally, we can move on.  We can drown our sorrows or celebrate our victories.  The only answer: Champagne.

Sure, your typical Hillary or Donald supporter (if such exist) probably cannot afford Champagne and at this point would rather want shots of something harder. So, let us pretend. What Champagne most typifies each candidate?

If you support Hillary, might I suggest Duval LeRoy: made by Sandrine Logette-Jardin, Champagne’s only female Chef du Cave (chief winemaker) and owned by Carol Duval-Leroy, one of Champagne’s few grand houses with a woman and family member as President.

Champagne Carol Duval-Leroy and Sandrine Logette-Jardin

The ladies of Duval-Leroy. President Carol center. Chev du Cave Sandrine behind the barrel.


If you support Donald, well, he does not drink, so maybe don’t tell him. But for something really gilded, a shiny bottle of Armand de Brigand Brut just screams success, Vegas, hugeness, greatness, and whatever braggadocious…ness means:


Make Champagne Gold Again

It is made by the Cattier family (not Cartier) and owned by Jay Z (not exactly Donald’s favorite person but they both exude the bling lifestyle).

Stylistically, both bubblies are quite similar: clean, quite dry, citric, and mineral with subtle brioche-like autolytics.  Duval-LeRoy tends to show more white pear fruit and fig, while the Ace of Spades shows a bit of smokey mineral.

So, put a bottle in the fridge, go vote (sober) and return home for a glass to brace for the apocalypse.



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