Champagne Sunday: Starting 2017 Off Right

We lived the cliché and ended New Year’s Eve with grower Champagne (read here). But if we want to ensure 2017 is auspicious, we need to make resolutions reality. That starts by going to the gym first thing…oh who am I kidding. Let’s drink more Champagne.

Luckily, I found something cold. This label looks shiny and golden enough:


OK. Veuve Clicquot needs no introduction. And that makes it great. Its ubiquity normalizes Champagne and makes it widely available with 10 million bottles a year.  It regularizes fizzy celebration into an affordable excess (under $50), which is what January 1st should be all about. Or you can buy another sweater.

I do not adore its Pinot heavy, fruity yet green, mildly fizzed, over-adjusted style. It lacks complexity, edge, and length to be great.  But it tastes undeniably of Champagne and is very good (4 of 5). I can hang out, chat with guests, relax, and then occasionally disappear into sparkling French refreshment without feeling guilty.

So, gold bottle of bubbles: check.

But to recharge our annual prosperity, I cook black eyed peas and collard greens. First time lucky:

black-eyed-peas-and-colored-greensVeuve’s acid would slice the bacon fat and race through the palate far better than a cheap mimosa.

So drink more Champagne, any Champagne really, and have a happy, bubbly 2017.


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