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Damp in Lyon: Crozes-Hermitage, Roman Theaters, Basilica, Cathredral and a Big Clock

25 Days into our EU Austerity Drinking Tour, we leave Avignon reinvigorated for Lyon (see last Monday’s EUADT post).
Highs and low punctuate the experience. We nearly miss our train because Avignon has not one station, but two. Yet we catch the last bus to the TGV speed train. It flies up the gorgeous Rhône Valley like a whisp of a cloud on the wind.

The vineyards of Cornas and Crozes-Hermitage sprawl everywhere. In little time our train deposits us in Lyon. The city is an urban sprawl. It renders Avignon quaint, parochial. Children beg and grope as we swap to the Metro. However, our Lyon apartment is spacious and the kitchen wonderful. We try to go out. Then it pours. Continue reading

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I met Herb last week. He stood behind a table, in a black shirt and cap. His wines lined up in front of him. Nothing else. Flanking him towered suit and tie representatives from Oregon’s famed Pinot Noir producers. They had flyers, business cards, banners, and slideshows of vineyard porn on small screens.

I tried their wines, heard their soliloquies, but kept returning to Herb. His black, cracked hands poured each bottle. He said even less. I felt that he itched to return to his vines, tanks, and family in Southern, Oregon. Continue reading

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