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Pilgrims, Delft Tile, Modernity and Leffe and Chouffe Beer in Rotterdam Holland

171 days of our EU Austerity Drinking Tour find us leaving Amsterdam’s fantastic beer, canals, and a windmill city for Rotterdam.

With the end of our trip a month out and 12 countries under our belt, we city hop more efficiently now. I do not draw or photograph as much. My wife barely keeps a journal of each day. We just hit the ground running, see, drink, and eat cheaply but with great diversity. Winter and public transport also limit the amount we cram in.

So, Rotterdam: a sleek, gray city of international trade and business. Amsterdam it is not. In honor of modern Rotterdam, we stay in a hostel made of Orwellian Rubix Cubes. Continue reading

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Gulping Gulpener Beer and Gross Grolsch While Touring Amsterdam Holland

This may be 2015, but bear with me as I hopelessly attempt to cram the drinks and experiences from Wayward Wine’s EU Austerity Drinking Tour. We covered thirteen countries in seven months spanning the winter of 2012-2013.

Today, you find us 168 days in. Constant travel and drinking on a dime has ravaged our sanity (and livers). We last spent New Year’s Day with Dutch family friends Tineke and Dirk (read post here). Now we enter Amsterdam: Continue reading

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La Trappe Trappist Beers, New Year’s Day and Eindhoven, Holland

165 days of rampant, alcohol-filled travel across Europe’s major wine, beer, and spirit regions lands us in Holland. Our EU Austerity Drinking Tour has overwhelmed our feeble knowledge of the wide variety of drinks culture Europe offers us. Continue reading

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