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Make Christmas Easy: Dresden Stollen and Cremant de Limoux Gerard Bertrand 2013

So, this is Christmas. While I rampantly wrap last minute gifts, I need something to drink before I hate this holiday. It need not be great. I just want something quality that I will not overwhelm my attention. There are sharp scissors and paper cuts involved here people.

Enter sparkling wine.

I would feel guilty guzzling Champagne, so I crack open a favorite Crémant de Limoux from négociant Gérard Bertrand: Continue reading


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Dresden Part 2: Gluhwein, Ottoman Tents, and Stollen

Wayward Wine’s EU Austerity Drinking Tour continues today in Dresden (see last Monday’s post). We start the day armed with museum passes (since the night prior was a Meissen tease).

But we weary after a fine exhibit of Russian diplomacy gifts. We almost skip the Dresden Armory, but accidentally stumble into the Turkish Chamber. Amongst many Ottoman weapons, flags, and armor dating from 1591, we stop beneath a tent from August the Strong’s Zeithain encampment against the Turks. Continue reading

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