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Make Christmas Easy: Dresden Stollen and Cremant de Limoux Gerard Bertrand 2013

So, this is Christmas. While I rampantly wrap last minute gifts, I need something to drink before I hate this holiday. It need not be great. I just want something quality that I will not overwhelm my attention. There are sharp scissors and paper cuts involved here people.

Enter sparkling wine.

I would feel guilty guzzling Champagne, so I crack open a favorite Crémant de Limoux from négociant Gérard Bertrand: Continue reading

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Calling Summer: Picpoul de Pinet, Gérard Bertrand, France 2011

Drink Picpoul, any Picpoul, and summer will come early. The shear pulling of your cork will turn the Earth a little closer to the sun. Snows will melt. Frosts dissipate. For you will be drinking sunshine.

While Monday’s EU Austerity Drinking Tour dipped its toe in Toulouse. A bit further to France’s coast sits an appellation called Picpoul de Pinet.

Hot-hardy red grapes dominate the land. But the village of Pinet has held resolutely to the green grape Picpoul.

Named for stinging (Pic) lips (Poul), the grape exudes saline, mouthwatering, citric acidity: perfect with seafood. It helps that below its vines spreads France’s second largest lake: the Étang de Thau: the only place outside of Normandy that France certifies oyster production. Continue reading

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