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Primitivo for Frozen Days: Castello Monaci

Sick of winter already? Me too. Let us draw the shades, turn up the thermostat, play Hawaiian music, don shorts and a t-shirt and grab a pair of sunglasses. Our wine glass might as well play pretend. I say send it to the hot iron tip of the heal of the boot of Italy: Puglia, specifically Salice Valentino DOC: Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Refreshing Riesling from High Desert: Mercer 2012

Damn. Summer and record droughts will not go away.  I tire of sweating in bed (as does my wife).  Therefore, chilled whites are still required to fool me into imagining myself cool. Oddly, let’s go to a hot, sandy, desert: … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Beaujolais Done Right: Stephane Aviron Chenas 2011

This Thirsty Thursday, I melt into a gelatinous ball of sweat and irritability.  Summer’s heat pushes me to white, rosé, and sparkling wines.  But I’m already bored.  A low tannin, light red that could handle a slight chill sounds perfect. … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Marchesi di Barolo, Maraia, Barbera del Monferrato, Italy 2012

I’m finding it hard reaching for red this Thirsty Thursday. It is still August.  Summer has yet to leave us. I do not want to hear the word Fall.  But then we have Barbera. No, not those perpetually rerun Saturday … Continue reading

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Calling Summer: Picpoul de Pinet, Gérard Bertrand, France 2011

Drink Picpoul, any Picpoul, and summer will come early. The shear pulling of your cork will turn the Earth a little closer to the sun. Snows will melt. Frosts dissipate. For you will be drinking sunshine.

While Monday’s EU Austerity Drinking Tour dipped its toe in Toulouse. A bit further to France’s coast sits an appellation called Picpoul de Pinet.

Hot-hardy red grapes dominate the land. But the village of Pinet has held resolutely to the green grape Picpoul.

Named for stinging (Pic) lips (Poul), the grape exudes saline, mouthwatering, citric acidity: perfect with seafood. It helps that below its vines spreads France’s second largest lake: the Étang de Thau: the only place outside of Normandy that France certifies oyster production. Continue reading

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