Vancouver Visit Leaves for Backyard Vineyards in Fraser Valley

With one “dry” weather day left in Vancouver, we hike the interior of Stanley Park.  We feel like lost hobbits in this endless glade.

Stanley Park Fallen tree Dog walkers disappear as we delve deeper.  Misty and free of the city’s steel, we find something odd.

Stanley Park TreeFour placards declare the historic importance of this landmark: Hollow Tree. Once cars even elephants parked in it.  A storm knocked it down in 2006 but private donations have propped it up with steel…moving on…

Another hour and we find the overlook near Lion Gate Bridge:

Tracy and Aaron Lions Gate BridgeOddly, Guinness (yes, Ireland’s Guinness) built the bridge half a century ago. Small world

The next day, we pack up and head to wine country (finally!).

An hour drive Southeast from Vancouver takes us to Fraser Valley: End of the World if I was a grape.  We pull up to Backyard Vineyards.  Luckily the building is labeled:

Winery Backyard Fraser ValleyTracy heads in to warm up.  I pass the winery to check out real, actual vines!

Not much, but they exist.  Shivering, I head inside to taste through their offerings.

Backyard Vineyards Tasting RoomBarely through the whites, they invite us into the winery. Stainless tanks loom behind doors, but right now, Backyard’s 2012 Cab is going into bottle:

Backyard BottlingTheir winemaker, James, tastes me on the new cab. It’s tight, young, packed, but  in a few months, will be quite good.  He gives me a bottle. He expresses the tough balance between aging wines or releasing them according to the owner’s wishes.

We return to the quiet tasting room and take our time with their other wines (off season is glorious). This is what I think:

Hold your horses! It is only 11am! More wineries await!


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4 Responses to Vancouver Visit Leaves for Backyard Vineyards in Fraser Valley

  1. Great story, why was Guinness there?

    • waywardwine says:

      Not really sure. There was just this plaque nearby detailing their funding it to connect workers on the other side of the river. Clearly they had sway, money, and were interested in patronage…strange

  2. sand110 says:

    Curious about their price in relation to quality and products from other countries. Also, how Canada prices imports from U.S., Europe, +++

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