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Jack Creek Cellars, Estate, Pinot Noir Reserve, Central Coast, California, 2006

Let’s break from our EU Austerity Drinking Tour for something more to home. This Thanksgiving our family took a turkey break and visited Pinot Noir country in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Stops at Archery Summit, Angela, Lange, and Troon all highlighted the many forms and clones that Oregon Pinot could take on. Continue reading

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Memorial Day: 1997 Archery Summit, Pinot Noir, Oregon

If Memorial Day is about remembrance, I can think of no better memorial to America’s dead than opening an old bottle of our own. Militant sacrifice created the world we live in. Tonight’s wine would not have existed without the world they created. So let’s turn to the past…

1997 saw my sophomore year in high school. Girls still confused me. MMMbop, Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girl pop had usurped Grunge’s musical devolution (at least we still had the Smashing Pumpkins? Bush? Foo Fighters? Come on! Anybody?). Continue reading

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