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Pelican Brewery, Stormwatcher’s Winterfest, Barley Wine, Pacific City, Oregon 2010

Last Sunday we smashed twenty pints of Pumpkin beers, as well as a few pumpkins.

But tonight is different. It’s my birthday, and we can think of nothing better than free beer and a t-shirt (it’s called commitment). So we return to The Green Dragon.

Aside from the occasional Killer Pumpkin Festival, The Green Dragon updates its 62 rotating tapped kegs daily. We start with their own Green Tea Mead (good, easy, light) and then move to a Pumpkin Porter, and then find beers from New Zealand to Germany and anywhere in between. Continue reading

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NOVA.SCOTIA.NOW.: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #7

Our flight from Halifax nears. My wife and I have tried Jost’s decent wines and toured Keith’s beer theme park. They tasted fine and fit expectations. But the city beckons our search on. Where hides its future? Its tradition breakers? … Continue reading

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