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In Bruges 2: Many Many Beers: Delirium tremens, De Halve Maan

Wayward Wine will soon cease its waywardness. I promise. For months now this wine blog has chatted about German, Dutch, and Belgian beer. Why? Basically because we we toured the cold north where beer reigns. Next Monday, we will return France and surround ourselves in wine. But Bruges is our last stop in Belgium. Last Monday we explored its sights and sounds and barely survived the countless geese (read post here). Continue reading

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In Bruges 1: Beer, Geese, Religion, and Beer Belgium

I hate cobbles. I do not care how adorable, quaint, or photogenic they appear. Cobbles are muffins of the devil, sent to drive every wheeled piece of luggage straight to hell.

So it goes in Bruges. We slush through snow, trying in vain to find our hostel. We have no time to look at anything, only which rut will eat our wheels next.

Get a taxi, you say. Well, this is an EU Austerity Drinking Tour. 179 days of travel add up. Continue reading

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