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Night Cap: Eola Hills, Port Style Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Oregon 2007 LBV

With Turkey Day winding down, the family leaving, and dirty dishes at bay: you only have room for this.

Last Thursday’s Dry Riesling kicked winter in the ear. Today, Wayward Wine turns once more to that stalwart of winter-bound, fireside drinks: Port.

Years ago, we featured Warre’s Late Bottle Vintage 2000 Port (here). Neither a cheap, young Ruby, nor an expensive, age-able Vintage: their LBV forged a middle path into Portuguese fortified wine. Its sultry balance of spice, fruit, alcohol, and readiness reminded us of a belly dancer.

But can Oregon pull off the same trick? Continue reading

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Solaria, Brunello di Montalcino, Italy 2002

A decade is passing by. Instead of dredging up bad memories, crushes, exes, bullies, and untold levels of awkwardness, à la Grosse Pointe Blank (with or without some murder), it is time for another kind of ten year reunion. The year … Continue reading

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