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Break Work With Chardonnay From Italy

Be honest with yourself: it has been a long day. You deserve a drink. But the last thing you want is more work. It can be interesting, sure. But complexity, tannins, grip, and food pairings sound horrid.

Let me whisk you to Italy. Specifically, Tuscany: land of rolling hills, Chianti, Renaissance palazzi, and rustic food. But leave the sweat, art, dust, gelato, and tourists of Firenze (aka Florence) behind.  Head northeast, into the mountains, and you will find Pomino DOC: a few miles from where I use to excavate an Etruscan temple.  Continue reading

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Gaja For The Rest of Us: Ca’Marcanda Promis 2013 Bolgheri Tuscany Italy

Winter closes in. For sad psychological reasons, I now don jackets or sweaters to enjoy chilled whites. I suppose a red will not hurt. Also, we have guests and pizza for dinner. So, a modern Italian seems apt. I rummage around in my crawl space. Why not open an $100 Chianti? Erm….no.

I have lost all grip on reality. My job allows me to try and collect fancy, expensive things. The cost to retail has become my reference point. A wine that costs a shop $25 ends up $33 to $40 on the shelf for the unwashed masses. So all I remember is that I spent $25. Or worse, I was given it. Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Fattoria dei Barbi Rosso di Montalcino 2012

If the heat keeps building where you live (and I am still sweating after yard work), the time has come to lighten up your red wine game.

I love Brunello di Montalcino. But the wines can be beastly. Luckily, Italy created Rosso di Montalcino DOC in 1984. With only a year of aging, six months minimum in barrel, winemakers could keep the lights on while their Brunello waits for four years, FOUR YEARS! Just imagine not getting paid for 2016 until 2020. Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Barbera, Mazzoni, Piemonte, Italy 2009

Summer has hit us. Red wine is last thing I want to drink. Beer would fair better. But something needs drown out the AC on eco-mode. This Thirsty Thursday turns to that old favorite: Barbera. Continue reading

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With Summer burning records (and ripening grapes) throughout the North West, we drive to 2013’s grape harvest festival of Yamhill-Carlton AVA: The Carlton Crush.

The endless auburn fields and early harvests remind of California or Tuscany, not the great, green Northwest. Continue reading

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