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Say What? Teroldego Grape-Based Red Wine from De Vescovi Ulzbach

Today Wayward Wine goes to Italy: Noah’s Ark for native grape varietals.  A nearly extinct grape grows almost exclusively in Trentino, a region where the Austro-Hungarian empire once summer-homed. It is called, Teroldego. And no, this is not a Tarintino … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Fiano, Castello Monaci, Acante, Salento, IT 2011

After last week’s Garnacha Blanca review, we delve into increasingly obscure depths this Thirsty Thursday. Fiano is our grape of choice.

Today’s example comes not from the vine’s famed Campania but further southeast in Salento: Italy’s sun-bleached heal-tip:

It is unbearably hot, flat, and dry here. That heat produces nearly half of Italy’s olives. Next, hot climate red grapes Primitivo and Negroamaro comprise equal thirds of wine production. Whites barely register. But Fiano keeps a heal-hold. Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Nero d’Avola, COS, Nero di Lupo, Sicilia IGT 2011

For Christmas we suggested a wild Sicilian red aged in pithoi (read here). This Thirsty Thursday, we revisit Azienda Agricola COS in Southeastern Sicily (because we can’t help ourselves).

Again, the grape is Nero d’Avola. Again, wild yeasts did the work, biodynamic principles reigned supreme, and nothing beyond a dash of sulfur was added to the wine.

Yet this time, instead of those gloriously anochronistic pithoi (ceramic jugs), modernism creeps in with two years of cellaring in cement tanks under temp control.

The result? Continue reading

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Cesanese del Piglio “Colle Ticchio” Corte dei Papi 2008

If you drive southeast of Rome on the A1, the hills fold, one upon the next, building into the Apennine Mountains. Along the way, Anagni, a medieval town, hangs on a ridge, encrusted with Roman stone walls and cinder-block apartments. … Continue reading

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Lambrusco, Villa di Corlo, Graparossa di Castelvetro, DOC Italy NV

I know, I know, another Italian wine. Sheesh, this guy is redundant. But I need to burst a bubble: Most Lambrusco is not sweet. Also, not everything from 1981 turned out as a well as I did. *Ahem* From the … Continue reading

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