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Wine for July 4th: Qupé Syrah, Central Coast, California 2011

US Soccer may have lost, albeit heroically, to Belgium (a country about the size of Maryland) in the Fifa World Cup 2014 knockout stages.

But crying is un-American. We have the explosive bombast of July 4th to distract ourselves with this Friday. Better yet, we can watch France lose to Germany. So dab those (non-existent) tears with the flag. Fire up that meat-annihilating grill. And grab a bottle of American wine.

Qupé, Syrah, Central Coast, California 2011 Continue reading

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Syrah “Cuvée”, Edward Sellers, Paso Robles, CA USA 2005

Edward Sellers. Oh, I get it. Sellers. Cellars. Har, har. What clever consultant group cooked that up? Probably the same who thought: well, people like cake and bread. Let’s call it Cakebread Cellars. Brilliant! Wait. What? They’re both real winemakers? … Continue reading

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