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Wine Review Thacher Mourvedre Paso Robles 2012

Our Monday recap tour of Paso Robles wineries continues with Thacher Winery. By chance, my beer brewing wife has a soulmate here. Sherman Thacher brewed at Los Gatos for sixteen years. But a switch to wine in 1993, marriage, and kids led to opening his namesake winery in 2004. They bought 54 acres of barley field tucked between hills on Paso’s west end in Adelaida. Aside from barley, pumpkins, and corn they also grow zinfandel and petite sirah (they source the rest). Once done, 3,400 cases make Thacher’s wines a limited commodity. Continue reading

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Syrah “Cuvée”, Edward Sellers, Paso Robles, CA USA 2005

Edward Sellers. Oh, I get it. Sellers. Cellars. Har, har. What clever consultant group cooked that up? Probably the same who thought: well, people like cake and bread. Let’s call it Cakebread Cellars. Brilliant! Wait. What? They’re both real winemakers? … Continue reading

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