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Wine Review Thacher Mourvedre Paso Robles 2012

Our Monday recap tour of Paso Robles wineries continues with Thacher Winery. By chance, my beer brewing wife has a soulmate here. Sherman Thacher brewed at Los Gatos for sixteen years. But a switch to wine in 1993, marriage, and kids led to opening his namesake winery in 2004. They bought 54 acres of barley field tucked between hills on Paso’s west end in Adelaida. Aside from barley, pumpkins, and corn they also grow zinfandel and petite sirah (they source the rest). Once done, 3,400 cases make Thacher’s wines a limited commodity. Continue reading


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A Study of Scarlet: A Red Wine “Conundrum” #MWWC6

Of all our adventures together, I hesitated to publish this for fear of disclosing information dire to national security and international trade. However, upon hearing that the serial publication, Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC6), had chosen “Mystery” for its 6th topic, I could not resist. The following is an account of one of Sherlock Holmes’ greatest discoveries.

We arrived at the crime scene before Scotland Yard.

My associate opened the door and we walked into a cavernous space. It was brightly lit, like a stage at London’s Palace Theater. But instead of costumed-actors, brightly colored isles spanned for a seeming eternity. Innumerable produce and products of manufacture filled its shelves. It reminded me of a Sunday market or bazaar but entirely under one roof.

I expected him to jump into action, as was his habit. Instead, arms folded, only his eyes studied the room as we walked.

“The telegram explicitly stated it would be here”, he murmured impatiently.

“What would be here?” Continue reading

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