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A Canadian Winery (and Distillery) Eh!? De Vine Vineyards Wine Review

Wayward Wine continues to ply the uncharted wines of Vancouver Island. It has been rough, but we found some decent Pinot Noir (read here). This marginal-in-the-best-of-times climate manages to counter its Northern latitude by bottling any warmth it can from the eastern straights with its western mountains. The best example: the Butchart Gardens utopia that traps tourists with its improbably lush gardens… Continue reading


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NEW.SCOTS.AND.WINE?: EU Austerity Drinking Tour #5

The coastal calm of Charlottetown sinks in. My wife and I forget time or place. We have touristed its top sites: from Province House, to the olive oil chain, to Gahan’s very respectable microbrewery, to the Dirt Shirt company. Now … Continue reading

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