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Extreme Wine Trip: Okanagan Valley BC Canada Part 1

Stuck at home? Grab a glass of something nice. Since we can’t travel, stray with me to the edge of wine-making. With so many “important” wine regions out there, I had set aside Canada’s Okanagan Valley. It was too far, … Continue reading

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A Canadian Winery (and Distillery) Eh!? De Vine Vineyards Wine Review

Wayward Wine continues to ply the uncharted wines of Vancouver Island. It has been rough, but we found some decent Pinot Noir (read here). This marginal-in-the-best-of-times climate manages to counter its Northern latitude by bottling any warmth it can from the eastern straights with its western mountains. The best example: the Butchart Gardens utopia that traps tourists with its improbably lush gardens… Continue reading

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Canadian Pinot Noir Eh!? Alderlea v Quill v DeVine Vancouver Island BC

By choice or by fate, I cannot escape Pinot Noir. I was born in Oregon and returned to its wine industry.  Our traipse through the extreme wines of Vancouver Island have gone from bad to worse to decent, usually faltering with noble grapes like Chardonnay (here), Gamay (here), but succeeding with weird hybrids like Savignette (read here). Can this warm pocket in the Northernmost fringes of winemaker pull off the queen of grapes: Pinot Noir? Continue reading

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Vancouver Visit: Mt. Boucherie, Family Estate Winery, Ehrenfelser, Okanagan Valley BC VQA 2012 17.99 ca

Wayward Wine is presently on location in Vancouver, BC in Canada exploring its wines (EU Austerity Drinking Tour posts will resume shortly). The challenge was adjusting to BC sticker shock. The province tightly controls pricing and taxes alcohol to the … Continue reading

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Baco Noir, Henry of Pelham Family Estate, Ontario Canada VQA 2009

A week into my Quebec vacation and I’ve yet to imbibe anything Canadian. The government owned wine-opoly SAQ, as reviewed last week, leaves few reasonably priced options beyond Southern France. So that’s all I’ve bought. Sure a Côtes du Rhône … Continue reading

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