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Potsdam: Braumanufaktur, Dunkel Beer and Sanssouci Palace

Before we day-trip to Potsdam, let us ground ourselves in one of their beers: Braumanufaktur, Dunkel, Potsdam, Germany. Biodynamic. €1.09 Appearance: looks clear, medium intense amber brown. Aromas: smell clean and intensely of roasted/caramelized honey, mint, strawberry, and bread. Palate: … Continue reading


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Salzburg Christmas Markets and Fortress Hohensalzburg

In case Christmas Eve gets too festive, I’m posting this now.

142 days of travel and we have winterized ourselves. Our EU Austerity Drinking Tour leaves icy, sober Dachau for the Austrian border and glorious Salzburg! Home to Mozart, music, and…salt. Continue reading

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Strasbourg 3: French Beer from Brasserie Uberach & Meteor

After visiting Strasbourg’s Christmas markets and its Hospice Wine Cellar, we switch gears. Germany waits across the border. In honor of Strasbourg’s bipolar Franco-Germanic nature, we shed Alsatian wine for beer, glorious beer. But first, the Cathedral’s Astronomical Clock must … Continue reading

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Luxembourg Wine: Elbling, Auxerrois, Rivaner, and Pinot Noir

133 days of travel just careened us through the frigid vineyards of Burgundy. With winter gripping, we decide to dip a toe in Luxembourg.

Sandwiched between France, Belgium, and Germany, Luxembourg spans nary 1,000 square miles, filled by 525,000 residents. But can such a small, cold country grow grapes of wine worthy merit?

After dragging our gear across town, we unload into a hostel deep beneath the capital’s cliffs and fortifications. But hunger and knowledge of a Christmas market drive us to climb back up. Continue reading

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