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Oktoberfest Wine Review? Acolon Halbtrochen Wachtenburg Winzer, Germany

Yes, here I am at Mt Angel’s Oktoberfest, surrounded by fabulous, rare German beers, looking for wine. For over 50 years, Mt Angel has hosted 350,000 tipsy, wanna-be bavarians intent on eating, drinking, and watching weiner dogs race.
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Meissen, Wackerbarth Wine, and the Terraced Vineyards in Saxony, Germany

This Monday’s EU Austerity Drinking Tour post day-trips from Dresden to Meissen.

Our train winds along the Elbe river. We pass vineyards, which cling desperately to steep terraces fanning South-facing hills. Continue reading

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Luxembourg Wine: Elbling, Auxerrois, Rivaner, and Pinot Noir

133 days of travel just careened us through the frigid vineyards of Burgundy. With winter gripping, we decide to dip a toe in Luxembourg.

Sandwiched between France, Belgium, and Germany, Luxembourg spans nary 1,000 square miles, filled by 525,000 residents. But can such a small, cold country grow grapes of wine worthy merit?

After dragging our gear across town, we unload into a hostel deep beneath the capital’s cliffs and fortifications. But hunger and knowledge of a Christmas market drive us to climb back up. Continue reading

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