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A Nazi Commie Christmas Eve in Berlin with Organic Lammsbrau Beers

Last Monday’s post of our EU AUSTERITY DRINKING TOUR saw us tour Potsdam and try a Dunkel beer from there (read: here).

We return to Berlin for Christmas Eve. What better way to spend the eve of Christ’s birth than visiting Nazi and DDR historical sites?

We grab groceries early since Berlin closes for days. Then, disregarding the fact that my wife’s annual winter illness encroaches, we hit the pavement. We enjoy a packed lunch of smoked cheese sandwiches at Brandenburg Gate: Continue reading

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Luxembourg Wine: Elbling, Auxerrois, Rivaner, and Pinot Noir

133 days of travel just careened us through the frigid vineyards of Burgundy. With winter gripping, we decide to dip a toe in Luxembourg.

Sandwiched between France, Belgium, and Germany, Luxembourg spans nary 1,000 square miles, filled by 525,000 residents. But can such a small, cold country grow grapes of wine worthy merit?

After dragging our gear across town, we unload into a hostel deep beneath the capital’s cliffs and fortifications. But hunger and knowledge of a Christmas market drive us to climb back up. Continue reading

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