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Drinking to Remember: Memory and Wine #MWWC34

Memory and wine are odd bedfellows.  We drink to forget, right?  Those hangovers from downing two buck chuck definitely did not build more gray matter.  That second (or third) bottle certainly wiped out a few evenings.

But good wine, hell, even just unique wine, can be a time machine. Continue reading

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This is your last chance to vote for Wayward Wine’s “Her #Winestory Welcome Alexandria”: the amazing, breathtaking tale of the birth of our first daughter and the Champagne that flowed. The deadline is Monday. So click the link now and make your … Continue reading

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The Hardest Thanksgiving Wine Pairing #MWWC21

Let me level with you. Do not fret over pairing wines with food this Thanksgiving. Most books, guides, magazines, or blogs will rehash the same tired rules: Beaujolais or Pinot Noir with pork or turkey, cab with steak, white with fish.

This advice overgeneralizes matters. What if your favorite producer decided to pop their Burgundy into new barrels one year? What if you went all Martha Stewart on the bird and brown sugar-glazed it instead of brining, or got completely “rebellious”: Continue reading

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #17–The Results

Originally posted on the drunken cyclist:
It is that time once again, time to announce the results of this month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. In all this month, there were ten entries for the theme “Epiphany” which was supplied by last…

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“Possession” provides the theme for September’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge begun by The Drunken Cyclist.

Already, possession has revealed many astounding collections online: from old bottles, to 173 glasses, to German vineyard land laws.

For as many reasons as people, wine often leads to obsessive hoarding. We wine geeks splurge on rare, interesting, and expensive bottles. But when to open them? When will the window of drinkability close? Should we keep the experience to ourselves or share (and show off) to friends? Does one even “own”, let alone remember, a wine after drinking it? Continue reading

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