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Breaking Bad: French Wine Rules VS Vincent Paris, Granit blanc, 2015

French wine has many, many, many rules.  Many.  To put a place name on a label might require using one grape type, one pruning method, a max yield, a min or max potential alcohol, using only sugar or water additions, barrel and bottle aging times. Why do the French do this?  Well, ideally, this preserves traditions and wine styles. Otherwise, France might endlessly chase trends: tearing up Merlot for Syrah in Bordeaux, planting Chardonnay in Sancerre, or making Prosecco in Champagne. *Shudder

In Cornas, northern Rhône’s smallest (possibly most adorable) region, you can only make 100% Syrah.   Continue reading


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Museum Island Part 1: Berlin, Germany

After a Nazi/Commie inspired tour of Berlin on Christmas Eve (see post), we decide to get even more festive: why not spend Christmas day at a museum? But not just any museum. Museum Island. The first college class my wife … Continue reading

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Brace yourself. My hunt for winecraft’s golden fleece, cold stabilization, has brought the glass carboy to the car. The outdoor freeze presents my last chance to chill the wine. But dangers and complications ensue… A bleary but hopeful the morning … Continue reading

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A week ago I added Sparkolloid Powder to my blueberry wine must. This blend of crab-friendly clay and polysaccharides sunk the floating yeasts and blueberry bits by positively charging them. Now three inches of detritus and less than a gallon … Continue reading

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