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Making Mead From Buckwheat Honey

At some point I thought making alcohol out of honey sounded like a great idea. I enjoy mead but tire of so many sweet and simple styles. Just because honey is its source does not necessitate it become a desert drink. Why can’t mead have the gravitas of wine? Why can’t it taste dry, complex, and be a friend to food? Continue reading


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Kegging Golden Oak: Willamette Week Pro AM Beer Lange Winery Rogue Brewery

My wife’s beer, “Golden Oak” nears completion.  Inspired by Lange Estate Winery’s iconic, barrel-fermented Pinot Gris, Jesse Lange lent her a barrel to ferment her Belgian Golden Strong (read about the journey here).  After two months it has absorbed all that magic Pinot Gris from the barrel. … Continue reading

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Golden Oak: Wine Beer Fusion Lange Winery Rogue Brewery Willamette Week ProAm 2016

Go to Willamette Week’s Fourth Annual Beer Pro/Am Saturday, October 15th in Portland, Oregon (tickets: here). Why? To witness my wife crushing the competition with her revolutionary Belgian Golden Strong Ale.

This is her journey: Continue reading

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Fresh Hop Butternut Saison Belgian Beer

Today, around 6:30 pm at the Green Dragon in Portland, Oregon, my wife and I will release a beer. But not just any beer. Our beer. Our take on a Belgian Saison, which coincidentally occurs while Wayward Wine reminisces on our EU Austerity Drinking Tour in Belgium (read recent post on Bruges: here). But there is a twist. Continue reading

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Our seven month, thirteen country, EU Austerity Drinking Tour continues today with the pint that defines Ireland: Guinness. Last week’s posts visited the decent (but now defunct) Messrs Maguire Brewery Pub and the bolder (and now international) The Porterhouse.  Today, … Continue reading

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