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Fort Wine Co Fruit Wine, Leləm’ Cafe, and Fort Langley: Vancouver BC

Wayward Wine leaves the steely, urban clutches of Vancouver for a trip east along the Fraser River to Fort Langley and Fort Wine Co. After a drenched drive through faded countryside, we arrive in the adorable town of Fort Langley.

Then we accidentally drive through it and onto a First Peoples’ reservation. The road turns to gravel and we turn back.

After coffee and smoked salmon (when in Rome), we head to the Fort: home of the Hudson Bay Company’s western operations. Continue reading

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Vancouver 5: Lulu Island Winery, New China, and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Wayward Wine continues its search for local wine in British Columbia.

So we drive South of Vancouver to Richmond. Rain pours outside. What better way to start a wet day than inside a Cannery museum? Continue reading

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A year is a long time to wait. Even labor takes a paltry nine months. But birthing my blueberry wine deserved patience. Its conception was awkward, messy, and frustrating. Kit winemaking was for beginners. So last August, I picked ten … Continue reading

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