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Wine Review: Krug Brut Champagne NV 167th Edition

Exciting times! Join me and try Krug’s 167th Brut non vintage Champagne and decide, is it worth it? Opened October 23rd 2020 to celebrate my passing the WSET Level 4 Diploma theory paper. Continue reading

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Wine Review: Philippe Colin, Premier Cru, Chassagne-Montrachet, France “Les Chenevottes” 2012

Philippe Colin is a terroir-ist. He produces up to 25 wines a year, mostly drawn from 13 hectares (32 acres) of single plots in Chassagne-Montrachet: Burgundy’s central heart of golden, powerful Chardonnay (and some Pinot Noir). He would make more if possible. Colin has shifted from traditional 228 litres to 450 and 500 litres oak barrels, 20 to 25% of which are new, to not overwhelm the fruit with wood. Continue reading

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Wine Review: Domaine Tollot-Beaut Chorey-Les-Beaune Rouge 2011

Now trapped at home, my cellar (aka crawl space) lights up the end of this dark tunnel. Each bottle holds a glimpse into the world before this plodding, boring present. I would rather open wines too early than too late for the sake of some palate time travel. So, yes, let us crack open another Burgundy. Continue reading

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Chinese Wine Review: Chateau Rongzi 2013 Shanxi China

Picture China. Depending on where your from, a collage of pandas, red flags, chopsticks, tea, rice bowls, Mao portraits, and bamboo groves may pass through your mind.

Not this:

Yup. Vineyards. Since at least 7,000 BCE, China has been making alcohol from grapes. Yet wine remained a fringe product, more an exotic treat for the elite than a mass produced, daily beverage for the masses. It took until 1980 for French wine to crack into China, but public interest only swelled by 2000 with China’s global rise. Production has hovered around 7th place worldwide, sandwiched between Argentina and South Africa at 11.5 million hectoliters. Continue reading

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Wine Review: Sparkling Aligote from Cave de Bissey

I need to bring something home.  Even though I sell wine, my wife deserves something different from time to time. Champagne would be great.  But I only have a $20.  I start flipping the bottles at a store checking back labels for something new. Then, one read in small print at the top: Continue reading

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